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Hi guys! I can't believe that my supposed-to-be-one-month-long hiatus lasted three months! But now I'm back and ready to get back into iconing :)

Today I bring you 30 icons with Morgana from Merlin BBC, made for merlin20in20, 5 icons from OUAT for theiconquest and 15 multifandom ones. I hope ya'll enjoy them!


[30] Merlin BBC
[5] Once Upon A Time
[15] multifandom, mostly Lucy Griffiths related

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21 July 2012 @ 12:59 pm
Hi everyone! I'm posting to tell you that I have to go on HIATUS for some time - possibly around a month.

I'm going to have a surgery soon, so I'll be away for some time and obviously won't be able to make and post icons. I hope, though, to be back as soon as possible and start posting again! :)

Thank you to everyone who's watching and following this community and commenting on my works ♥
Hi everyone! I'm super excited to post my first batch for theiconquest with 25 icons for chapter one of the main quest, 10 icons for the first sidequest and 13 alternates :D.
The theme for the first challenge was Adventure so I immediately thought I need to icon Harry Potter! For the sidequest I initially wanted to make icons from Rogue class but the colours for Magician were much better, so I decided to split my icons into two classes.


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30 June 2012 @ 09:45 pm
Hello everyone! :) Today I come to you after a break with the picspam I made for smashingart. The current challenge was about a genre swap and I decided to make a picspam for Merlin BBC :). Merlin is a fantasy show but I thought that there was a lot of possibly scary scenes that altogether could give it a whole different feeling. I hope you'll like it!


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I also wanted to pimp a community for icon makers!

theiconquest * theiconquest * theiconquest

The Icon Quest is an interactive community that joins making graphics with little roleplaying.
You can enter challenges, earn points as an individual member or also join one of four gildes and have fun with fellow members!
The first challenge will go up on July 1 :)


It looks fantastic, so if you like the idea, join! :D
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06 June 2012 @ 06:33 pm
Hi everyone! Today I come to you with yet another picspam and what's more, another Once Upon A Time recast picspam, though this time made for a challenge at onceuponaland :).

We were supposed to recast five characters and I chose Snow, Regina, Red, Charming and Rumplestiltskin. I really love the whole OUAT cast but if I had to choose, I think those actresses/actors would also do well. Also, for no apparent reason, I happened to choose only British celebs, so I guess it can be seen as a British version.

I hope you'll enjoy! :)

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First, I'd like to post the picspam I made for the second challenge at smashingart. The challenge is titled "You had me at..." and we were supposed to show the moments that truly make us love the fandom/character. I chose six of my favourite characters from three TV shows - The Borgias, Merlin BBC and The Secret Circle. My explanation and the picspam - under the cut :)

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And now the icons I made for the challenge at landofart called "So That's Your Favorite TV Show". I thought a lot about the TV show that I want to choose for this challenge, because I have many favourites but in the end I decided to focus on the series that I really love but somehow recently put a bit aside - Merlin BBC. I really want to be more active in the fandom again, so I thought making icons from it would be a nice start :)

I also decided to post some icons I recently made for some stills challenges.


[34] Merlin BBC
[7] Once Upon A Time
[2] Thor
[1] The Borgias
[1] The Secret Circle

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Here's the little picspam made for the challenge "10 Things" at onceuponaland. Possible spoilers from the finale and generally the whole series.

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And since the post is all about OUAT, I may as well do some promoting :).

If you love the show and playing games/having fun with fellow Once Upon A Time fans, join onceuponaland!!!

You can join one of three teams: Team Regina, Team Snow or Team Swan (currently my wonderful Team Snow is in need of more Snowflakes, since we're a bit short in members) by applying here :D.

It's a really fantastic land community with warm atmosphere and un challenges, so check it out! If you decided to join, please say that you found out about it from me :).
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