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045; Jayma Mays: 25 icons

20 icons + 5 alternates with lovely Jayma Mays ♥ made for the 4th round at redhead20in20 :D.



Faceless Hush Smile Role Close Up
Negative Space Quote Heart Approved! Confused

#01 #02 #03 #04 #05

#01 #02 #03 #04 #05


1-5 1-5

Rules of using:
* If you're going to use any of my graphics - please, comment! It's fair to me because I at least know if anyone likes what I create! I'd love any support and any advice :).
* Credit is a must, so please - stick to that. Doing this you respect the fact that I put my time and energy to create those graphics.
* Please, do not hotlink! Save graphics on your computer and then upload them on some hosting website as e.g. photobucket or imageshack. It's as easy as that.
* Also, textless icons/graphics aren't bases so don't use them like that, also don't change them. If you'd like me to add something, I'd do my best but just ask.
* All credits can be found HERE.
* Enjoy! :D

In case you don't know how to credit:

When you upload the userpic in the comment insert my user name (e.g. made/created by amaranthine3).

And if you save for future use, please save it with my username or the name of the community so that you won't forget who made it! Thank you :).

Snag and enjoy but please, remember to credit! If you like what you see, please JOIN or WATCH the community for future updates :).
Tags: !graphics: icons, !icontest, 20in20redhead, actress: jayma mays, character: emma pillsbury, tv show: glee
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